Why Balanz

Funding for businesses can be complex, time-consuming and often costly. As a result, the majority of businesses have less than optimal funding arrangements in place – yet many don’t even know it.

As your partner in business finance we help you to strategically navigate the finance landscape so that your business gets the funding arrangements it needs to succeed – that’s the Balanz difference.

Our Clients

Our clients range from sole traders to SMEs and through to ASX-listed companies. We work with businesses looking to secure new funding typically between $500k and $100M, or businesses simply wanting to know if their current funding arrangements are competitive.

Our Balanz team has experience working with clients throughout Australia within a wide range of industries including property, professional services, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, hospitality, medical, mining and more.

Our Approach

It is all about getting the right information to the right banker at the right time to deliver the right results….that’s the Balanz way.

Our activity in the debt markets makes us uniquely able to deliver on our approach, resulting in consistently exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Right Information

The right information is vital as:

  • Together we shape the non-negotiable and boundaries to reduce difficult conversations at the end.
  • We conduct conversations regarding covenants and conditions to agree key commercial terms.
  • We manage discussions with bankers to ensure key issues are identified and mitigated.

Right Bank and Banker

The right bank and banker is important as:

  • Best outcomes are achieved with the right banker at the right bank – finance is a people-business firstly.
  • Did you choose your specific banker? Or did your bank assign you one? We look to strategically align banker and client for a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • We maintain relationships with credit managers, as they are instrumental in great finance outcomes.
  • Banks change their industry appetite and policies regularly, and our activity in the market enables us to pick up on trends early.

Right Time

Acting at the right time is crucial because:

  • Every transaction has a lead time.
  • We work to ensure timelines are managed proactively and to your expectations.
  • We achieve this through regular communication and consistently pulling and pushing for performance.
So, the Right Information + Right Bank + Right Time = Right Results….with Balanz

Our value-proposition can also be illustrated in this simple diagram:

The Value of Balanz: Traditional Bank vs Balanz Approach
Why Balanz

So rather than being stuck with no solution, or one dictated by the bank, at Balanz we work together with our clients – and through collaboration and correct information, we build the best solution for you and your specific needs. That’s the Balanz difference.

Read on about our expert team and some of our recent transactions. Or simply contact us to see how Balanz can help your business.